Aims & Objectives

The School aims at the integral and personal formation of young children by giving them an education which is morally , mentally, physically, socially and spritually sound. The School encourages the students to keep their ideals high and to strive for excellence in every field. It Endeavours to inculcate in them the value of freedom and its judicious use, respect of law and order. It also teaches them to abide by moral principles, to be unselfish in the service of their country and fellow men.

The School adopts the CBSE curriculum of education.
It is an educational set up for preparing cultured responsible and disciplined citizens. We strive to

  1. Dissemination of the tenets of Indian Culture and Human Values.
  2. Education and Research in the disciplines of Dev Sanskriti and to promote a proper blend of Science and Spirituality
  3. Teaching and Research in the fields related  to  self-employment,  village management etc. with a view to usher a new social order based upon the vision of Kulpita Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.
  4. Providing a residential environment to re-establish the ancient Gurukul tradition.
  5. Advancing the intellectual, cultural and spiritual welfare of the students by reviving the education pattern of the ancient times.
  6. Stress on all-round development of the student.
  7. Help students discover their ‘Self’ from within.
  8. Allow freedom of thought and expression to every student enabling them to distinguish between right and wrong.
  9. Inculcate such values among students that help them to cross all hurdles and barriers in life.
  10. Build confelse.ident and self equipped individuals who are good humans and who respect the rights and individuality of everyone
  11. Inculcate the concept of academic excellence, ensuring that ultimately the best emulate us.

A True Gayatriyan is:

  • Enduring, persevering and caring.
  • Dynamic and amenable to change but never compromises on values.Ever ready to conquer.
  • Conventional but rational and prudent.
  • Scientifically geared yet aesthetically tempered.
  • Patriotic, yet ready to claim international ovation.
  • A strong ‘Self’ but respecting the ‘Self’ of others.
  • An environmentalist who values coexistence and co-operation.


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